Digital Literacy - Basic
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Digital Literacy - Basic

Note : Fee is payable in 3 installments with 50% down payment
  • Duration : 1 Month


This course is intended for a first course in learning about computers and Information and Communication Technologies. No experience with computers is assumed and no mathematics beyond the junior high school level is required. The Microsoft Office Suite 2019 and Windows 10 Operating System are used to teach students computer basics, including operating system features and operations, word processing, spreadsheets, data processing, internet, and email. Upon successful completion, participants will be able to use these applications for business, professional, academic, or personal work.


The objectives of this course are:

  • To offer an introduction to Information and Communication Technologies with a review of its impact in society as well as in other fields and sectors including but not limited to education, health and medicine, security, business and finance, religion, and government.
  • To offer an introduction to computers using MS Windows 10, MS Word 2019, MS Powerpoint 2019, MS Excel 2019, MS OneNote 2019, MS Outlook 2019, MS Publisher 2019.
  • To expose participants to practical usage of technology in business, academic and personal life.
  • To acquaint participants with the proper procedures to create documents, presentations, worksheets, emails, and notes suitable for academic work, professional tasks, and personal use.
  • To introduce participants to the ethics of Information and Communication Technologies and their appropriate usages to protect themselves, their families, and their friends.
  • To develop a project-oriented approach that allows learning by doing.


  • Junior High School Certificate or its equivalent.


  • 1 Month


  • US$100.00 (Payable in 3 installments with 50% down payment)
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