Network Fundamentals
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Network Fundamentals

Note : Fee is payable in 3 installments with 50% down payment
  • Duration : 3 Months


This course teaches the basic concepts and terminology of networking and is designed to prepare students for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam. The course covers media types and standards and how data is encoded and transmitted. Participants are also introduced to the terminology and basic concepts of each network operating system. The Open System Interconnection (ISO) model is also introduced. 


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how switches and routers interconnect using multiple vendors' equipment.
  • Describe IP addressing and how to create subnets.
  • Discuss how TCP/IP works and is configured on various devices
  • Capture and view network traffic using protocol analyzers
  • Identify the various wireless network options available
  • Understand basic security and firewall issues
  • Describe how Ethernet network works and how all the various forms can be connected
  • Understand the basics of layered network protocols
  • Describe the difference between logical and physical network topologies
  • Install the latest ethernet cables
  • Understand how VLAN functions
  • Know when and how to use NAT
  • Identify and describe various WAN technologies


  • Digital Literacy Basic or its equivalent.


  • 3 Months


  • US$225.00 (Payable in 3 installments with 50% down payment)
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