Web Design Fundamentals
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Web Design Fundamentals

Note : Fee is payable in 3 installments with 50% down payment
  • Duration : 3 Months


The web has experienced an explosive growth just from 50 servers in 1993 to millions today. Web technology influences most areas of computer technology and greatly affects how we present, access, and utilize information. This course benefits anyone who wants an understanding of web technology and its practical applications. It is a study of the principles, concepts, and techniques of designing and developing websites according to W3C standards using markup and scripting languages. Topics covered include but not limited to: HTML, CSS and Web Graphics. In addition, an overview of the Web Development process and related issues are covered. This course is highly practical. Therefore, participants will be required to individually develop a website and present it to the class as a course project. 


This course is structured to give participants a solid foundation in the lucrative career of Web Design and Development. Upon successful completion, participants will gain the skills and expertise required to work on various web development projects of varying scale and scope. Below are some of the many concepts to be understood:

  • Web design principles and concepts
  • HTML—Markup for Structure
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) — Style for Presentation
  • JavaScript Fundamentals — Scripting for Behaviors
  • Basics of web graphics
  • The web development process
  • The business and ethics of web designing


  • Digital Literacy Basic or its equivalent.


  • 3 Months


  • US$225.00 (Payable in 3 installments with 50% down payment)
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