We are a Cisco Networking Academy

We are a Cisco Networking Academy

We are excited to announce that Comax Advanced Technology Academy — CATA has joined the Cisco Networking Academy Program and is recognized as a Cisco Academy with ID: 20035761. CATA is one of the thousands of academies in the Cisco Networking Academy program.

Cisco Network Academy provides a broad and deep IT curriculum for students of all backgrounds, teaching the hands-on technical and business skills they need to succeed. Additionally, with many industries experiencing a shortage of IT talent, Cisco Networking Academy seeks to give students the skills most in demand worldwide and helps create a trained, diverse workforce for the digital economy.

The core focus of the curriculum stays true to Cisco's expertise in networking and security, while it also offers coursework in emerging fields such as the Internet of Things and data analytics in alignment with the future of education and business trends. The Networking Academy learning experience includes an e-learning curriculum, personalized assessments, and hands-on opportunities such as labs, networking simulation software, competitions, and hackathons.

The first Cisco Courses at CATA will start in June 2018.

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